09/01/19 08:00 UTC-4

The new bot will allow millions of users to send and receive cryptocurrencies on Facebook Messenger

The company provides Facebook users with the ability to securely send and receive cryptocurrency through Messenger, keeping confidential information secret.

The Lite.IM developer company reports that its bot currently supports four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and its own ZTX currency.

The company states that it is "guided by the idea of ​​how the world could look like if the fundamental ideals of the cryptocurrency revolution were actually realized" – a place where everyone can enjoy financial freedom regardless of their technical skills or the region where they live.

Facebook Messenger is the latest stage for Lite.IM. His service was first available via Telegram along with old-fashioned text messaging. Zulu Republic, the company behind the Lite.IM project, stated that text messaging support is important for realizing its ambitions, since it means that "anyone with even the simplest mobile phone" can manage their cryptocurrency with access to the Internet or without it.


Faster than Facebook

Running a bot in Facebook Messenger means that Lite.IM is far ahead of crypto-payments than Facebook itself. Late last month, rumors were reported that the social networking giant is preparing to create a cryptocurrency for remittances, designed for WhatsApp users owned by Facebook.


Lite.IM updates

In its latest blog post, the Lite.IM development team says: "With each new update, Lite.IM is becoming increasingly user friendly to use the cryptocurrency platform. We are proud that the new bot will allow millions of users to send and receive cryptocurrency on Facebook Messenger and thereby bring the world's most popular cryptocurrency to 2.5 billion users."

Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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31/05/19 09:56 UTC-4

Unplanned Cosmos cryptocurrency hard fork: vulnerability exclusion

​On May 31, an unscheduled hard fork took place in the Cosmos cryptocurrency network. It happened due to the discovery of the vulnerability of the coin’s blockchain network. Cryptocurrency developers, Tendermint, reported on the successful elimination of the error.

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