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On January 3rd, Bitcoin will celebrate its 10th anniversary

The 10th anniversary of Bitcoin will be the 3rd of January. As a decentralized currency that belongs to everyone and no one, there is no official way to celebrate its 10th anniversary. From wallet manufacturers to developers, each system participant will have their own suggestions on how to celebrate a historic event.

It is understandable that the crypto-community cannot come to a general agreement on the official date of the birthday of Bitcoin. It could be on January 3, when Satoshi Nakamoto generated the first genesis-block of Bitcoin, or on October 31, when he published a technical document on the development of Bitcoin. But most participants in the cryptosystem still opted for January 3.

Sellers, as one would expect, would like to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the gold coin by purchasing memorabilia. For example, it can be a watch or a purse with a coin image. And for those who are not ready to lay out the amount of $ 4,000 for a Bitcoin watch, there are more affordable souvenirs: a T-shirt or a logo print in a frame.


Bitcoin users

On January 3, a significant number of Bitcoin users will be busy withdrawing their cryptocurrency from crypto-exchanges and other online wallets. This step will be initiated as part of "Proof of Keys", a scheme designed to return the ownership of Bitcoins from third parties to private individuals.

This offer came from Trace Mayer, an ultra-rich investor. He encourages all bitcoin-enthusiasts to join the "Proof of Keys" promotion and withdraw all funds from third-party accounts to regain control over private keys.

Meyer posted a proposal for Bitcoin-enthusiasts to mark the day of the creation of the first block on his Twitter account, joining the "Proof of Keys" promotion and gaining control over his private keys, and therefore cryptocurrency assets: "I would like to start a new Bitcoin tradition, joining the "Proof of Keys"action, in honor of the genesis of the holiday block".

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Bitcoin rate is growing: BTC crossed the $6,000 barrier

On May 7, the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency increased by 4.29%. Now, the weighted average rate of digital gold is $5,929. At the same time, the "high" deals in today's trading session have already crossed the border of the psychological barrier of $6,000.

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