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Cryptocurrency market: stability or slow price reduction

Trends in the cryptocurrency market: stability or decline
Trends in the cryptocurrency market: stability or decline

December 27-28: Bitcoin (BTC) remains stable, while the main markets for altcoins show signs of a downward trend, led by BCH, as reported by CoinTelegraph news agency.

The Cointelegraph and Coin360 price tracker data showed a mixed, but generally more relaxed twenty of the market capitalizations of assets compared to last week’s high volatile activity.


Trends in the cryptocurrency market

Speaking of the BTC-USD tradingTrading
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pair, in general, Bitcoin rose by more than $ 1,000, reaching intra-week highs of around $ 4,230 (December 23). Since then, the price has begun a reversal, fluctuating around $ 3,800.

Recall that this week, commentators and analysts of the cryptocurrency market tried to dispel the myth that Bitcoin is a correlated asset. This was since the asset shows its worst "Christmas Eve" in the entire history of observations with a single one-day gain on December 26th.

"I definitely agree with the fact that in the process of falling cryptocurrency market some psychological components act (...) Today, people are becoming afraid of trading in Bitcoins" – Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital Assets founder

Pompiano also warned that with such growth trends, Bitcoin may soon fall below the $ 3,000 figure.

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The total value of Bitcoin exceeded $200 billion

On June 25, the total market capitalization of the first cryptocurrency exceeded $200 billion. At the same time, for several days in a row, the asset rate has risen, with the achievement of new annual highs.

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