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The collapse of the cryptocurrency market: overnight crypto-coins lost $ 16 billion

Cryptocurrency market lost $ 16 billion overnight
Cryptocurrency market lost $ 16 billion overnight

Over the night from December 6 to 7, the cryptocurrency market lost about 16 billion dollars. The total capitalization level has fallen from $ 123 billion to $ 107 billion, as reported by the CCN news agency, on December 7.


The state of the cryptocurrency market

For the first time since May 2017, the price of Ethereum has dropped to $ 80.

The price of Bitcoin Cash fell to double digits at $ 94 for the first time in a 16-month history.

Recall that the Bitcoin Cash crypto-coin in August debuted with a price range from 2000 to 4000 dollars. On December 6, CCN was informed that a further decline for Bitcoin (BTC) to $ 3,000 is inevitable, due to the apparent intensity of the currency sale during the last month.

At this time, Bitcoin also suffered another price reduction. Today, December 7, the cost of cryptocurrency dropped to $ 3200 per coin.

At this time, a DonAlt technical analyst said that a reduction to $ 2,900 could be possible if the dominant cryptocurrency cannot sustain positive impulses.

As for Ethereum (ETH), the currency has experienced the steepest decline among all major crypto-assets on the market in the last four to five weeks. For the first time, the price of an ETH is less than $ 90.


Prices on exchanges

BTC price according to the latest closed deals:

  • LocalBitcoins: sale of BTC – 3200 Dollars.
  • Bitstamp: sale of BTC – 3389 Dollars.
  • Coinbase: sale of BTC – 3388 Dollars.
  • Kraken: sale of BTC – 3414 Dollars.
  • Korbit: sale of BTC – 3242 Dollars.

ETH price according to the latest closed deals on stock-exchanges:

  • EXMO: sale of ETH – $ 86.
  • Bitstamp: sale of ETH – $ 88.
  • Coinbase: sale of ETH – $ 85.
  • Kraken: sale of ETH – $ 84.
  • At ForexClub, the price of ETH is listed as $ 84.5.

The collapse of the cryptocurrency market overnight, with losses of crypto-coins of up to $ 16 billion – has caused a lot of versions and comments, not only from financial analysts, but also from world economists. Now, opinions are divided. But the lion's share of experts still tends to further fall in the course.

Editor: Yulia Krasnaya

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