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Canada launches Bitcoin payment

Fintech Startup launches BTC payment function
Fintech Startup launches BTC payment function

According to a press release published on November 29, Glance Technologies Inc. mobile company, based in Canada, added Bitcoin (BTC) support as a payment method.

The release of the company states that the new feature, called "Pay With Bitcoin", allows users to "connect their cryptocurrency wallet with their Glance Pay account". Domestic currency can be spent only in trades that use the Glans system to receive payments.

As stated in the release, using their internal tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
as an intermediate currency for payments "provides fast payments".

Desmond Griffin, CEO of Glance Technologies, stressed in his release that the company focuses on the continuous development of the payment industry “to promote our platform to higher technologies.”

He also added: "Using Pay With Bitcoin, Glance users have the opportunity to unlock their crypto-assets for use in everyday life, while simultaneously opening a new payment method."

Birks Group, the largest Canadian jewelry maker, also began accepting Bitcoin through a partnership with the American BitPay platform.

Earlier this week, KT Corporation (one of the two largest telecommunications companies in South Korea) reported that Ohio (USA) is ready to become the first state to accept Bitcoin as a tax payment. The option will first be available only to private enterprises.

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The total value of Bitcoin exceeded $200 billion

On June 25, the total market capitalization of the first cryptocurrency exceeded $200 billion. At the same time, for several days in a row, the asset rate has risen, with the achievement of new annual highs.

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