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In France, it will be possible to buy Bitcoin in a tobacco shop

In 2019 in France, cryptocurrencies will be sold in tobacco shops
In 2019 in France, cryptocurrencies will be sold in tobacco shops

In France, from the beginning of January 2019, Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies will be able to buy without any problems at a regular tobacco shop, was announced by KeplerK and Bimedia on Twitter.

Together with tickets for public transport, newspapers, chewing gum, magazines and cigarettes, crypto-coins will now be sold. The French Federation of Tobacco Vendors, the national association of tobacco suppliers, has confirmed information on the sale of cryptocurrency to more than 27,000 kiosks throughout France. All members of the National Association can now place a sale of coins in stalls and shops.

According to the agreement between The French Federation of Tobacco Vendors and the KeplerK and Bimedia crypto-companies, the sale of Bitcoin and Ether can begin as early as January 1, 2019. A short announcement of future regarding the sale of the crypt was published in the Reuters news agency, as well as reported on the "Europa1", french radio station

The trial version of sales, according to Reuters, will cover about 3,000 kiosks. Although the company's future plans are to distribute cryptocurrencies to all tobacco shops. At the beginning of last week, a personal permit "On the Distribution of Cryptocurrencies" was issued by the General Directorate for Prudential Control under the auspices of the Central Bank of France.

"Tobacco kiosk owners are the best sales channel. After all, customers trust them. These outlets will be used to sell crypto-coin ownership vouchers." – Adil Zahar, Director of Strategy and Development at Keplerk Company.

Le Monde, the print edition, also confirmed the information about the beginning of the sale of vouchers for Bitcoin and Ether, dedicating this large publication. The article in the French edition also states that there was no need for permission from the Central Bank of France for the sale, because all the kiosks and shops with vouchers are no more than sales agents.

The sale of cryptocurrency assets will be carried out thanks to a platform developed by the KeplerK Parisian company. The same company, in partnership with Bimedia, are developing a separate wallet application for Bitcoin and Ether receiving and exchanging.

The process of buying cryptocurrencies will be carried out in the following way: the owners of tobacco shops will sell special vouchers that can be exchanged through an electronic wallet for crypto-coins. Starting prices of vouchers: 250,100,50 Euro.

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