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USDC digital dollar now on Binance

USDC will exchange for Binance
USDC will exchange for Binance

The leading cryptocurrency market called Binance has become another exchange that allows you to exchange USDC. The statement of the Binance cryptocurrency platform states that the pair USDC and Bitcoin (USDC / BTC) and the Binance tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
in the USDC pair (USDC / BNB) will begin tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
on November 17 –

The USDC, which is a coin with an ERC-20 marker on the Ethereum network, was launched with Coinbase and Goldman Sachs, supported by Circle last month. After launch, the token was immediately available for buying, selling, sending or receiving on the Coinbase platform, as reported by the CCN news source.

"The advantage of a digital dollar such as USDCH is that it is easier to program, quickly send, use dApps and store locally than traditional dollars based on bank accounts. That is why we consider this an important step towards a more open financial system." – CENTER Consortium.

According to the CENTER Consortium, which was one of the founders of Circle and Coinbase, USDC is now available worldwide on several exchanges.

"For the several months that have passed since the launch, the USDC has spread widely throughout the cryptosystem and is available worldwide on exchanges having tens of billions of dollars in trading volume (...) The volume of USDC negotiable offer now stands at more than $ 148 million, and more than 50 exchangers, protocols, platforms, applications and wallets are now supported by USDC"

Among the exchanges that announced a listing of a stable dollar coin earlier this week are Korbit, a Japanese corporation, and BeitMart (the Cayman Islands stock exchange).

Deposits and work with USDC began on October 17 at Bit-Z, and at the end of the month at CPDAX in South Korea, which indicated USDC along with other stable coins, such as GUSD from Gemini Trust, PAX from Paxos Standard and TUSD from Trust Token .

A month before this, the USDC was registered on DigiFinex (September 27), where it was mated with a stable Tether token. On September 28, the USDC was included in the HotBit cryptocurrency exchanger, where it was mated into exchange pairs with ETH and BTC. Other leading cryptocurrency exchanges that include USDC are KuCoin, OKex and Poloniex.

Even with such a positive development trend, the blog support of Binance still indicated: "Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency investments are subject to high market risk. Please make your investments carefully. Binance will make every effort to select high-quality coins but will not be responsible for your investment losses." –

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Unplanned Cosmos cryptocurrency hard fork: vulnerability exclusion

​On May 31, an unscheduled hard fork took place in the Cosmos cryptocurrency network. It happened due to the discovery of the vulnerability of the coin’s blockchain network. Cryptocurrency developers, Tendermint, reported on the successful elimination of the error.

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