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Historical Day for Bitcoin Cash

Historic Day for Bitcoin Cash
Historic Day for Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network update, which the cryptocurrency market experts predicted, took place and led to hard forkFork
– is the intentional use of one code base of a software project to start another. That is, changing the blockchain code to split it into two.Details

For the last 12 hours, cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world have watched with great anxiety the long-awaited Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network division held on Thursday, November 15th. There were many discussions between the parties and live broadcasts in both camps for two days. As expected by many fans, the BCH chain was divided into two parts. The split occurred when the SV miners processed 556767 block. The first block was mined on

Today, co-founder of Bitmain Jihan Wu, congratulated on the development of the first unit and the changes to the ABC rule set.

ABC Bitcoin is supported by crypto-expert Roger Ver, and Bitcoin SV is headed by Craig Wright, who previously declared himself the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. SV camp contributes to a radical change in the current structure of BCH. The separation served as a complete rewrite of the Bitcoin ABC network scenario and the increase in the size of the BCH block from 32 MB to 128 MB.

Now, the ABC side has collected more blocks and interested miners.

During the day, there were several large blocks on both circuits. In the ABC chain and, we processed several blocks ranging in size from 4 to 8 MB. In the SV Coingeek chain and other poolsPools
– the union of miners in groups for the extraction of cryptocurrency. Details
, several large blocks were blocked during the first few hours.

Initially, and pools found most of the ABC blocks, but later Antpool Bitmain began miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
in the ABC chain. Then the Chinese Miab Viabtc pool followed Antpool and took up the ABC chain. Similarly, Coingeek and SV Pool mined the first blocks of the SV chain. BMG Pool got just a couple of blocks.

According to Coin Dance statistics, the ABC chain has more than 50 times the lead on the SV side.

Editor: Yulia Krasnaya

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07/05/19 06:00 UTC-4

Bitcoin rate is growing: BTC crossed the $6,000 barrier

On May 7, the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency increased by 4.29%. Now, the weighted average rate of digital gold is $5,929. At the same time, the "high" deals in today's trading session have already crossed the border of the psychological barrier of $6,000.

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