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In Venezuela, Petro can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency

Petro can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency
Petro can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency

The Venezuelan government announced that its national digital currency, Petro, can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency if it is purchased this year.

"Venezuela: Petro can be converted to any cryptocurrency if you purchased it this year. Last week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited the headquarters of the Cryptoassets checkpoint and related activities (Sunacrip) to sign up for an oil saving plan." – Ministry of People’s Power for Communication and Information (Minci).

Minci is promoting the government and spreading its message to the public. Sunacrip is responsible for regulating all crypto-related actions in Venezuela.

During his visit, Maduro offered a new incentive – to acquire the national digital currency of his country. El Nacional quoted him saying, "Anyone who buys a Petro "from now on" until December 31 can convert it to any digital currency or international convertible currency such as Bitcoin or yuan."

Petro's plan was launched on November 5th. It can be repaid before the end of the year, according to Tareck El-Aissami, the country's minister of economy and former vice-president. "Already within three months I will know the real value of Petro", – Maduro.

Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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