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Passport fee in Venezuela will be paid in Petro

Residents of Venezuela can now pay passport fees in Petro
Residents of Venezuela can now pay passport fees in Petro

Venezuelans can now use Petro's cryptocurrency to pay for passport fees. This was officially announced by the country's Vice President Delsy Rodriguez at the Friday conference on October 5.

The official launch of the legislative project is planned for November 2018. But as of October 8, duties for all applications for obtaining or renewing a passport will be paid to Petro. Fixed price: 2 Petro – getting a new passport, 1 Petro – expansion of an existing one. At the same time, the average wage in Venezuela is 4 times less than the cost of the raised passport fee.

“For citizens who are outside the country, until November 1, the cost of a passport will be $ 200 – for the new, and $ 100 – for renewing the old one,” Rodriguez told the Latin American newspaper El Universal.

Venezuela seeks to combat the side effects of rapid inflation and the country's economic failures, using cryptocurrency to bypass capital controls.

Along with the introduction of the passport fees, Rodriguez also announced the creation of a department of the Migration Police, allegedly designed "to preserve the safety of citizens and migration control."

Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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