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Ghana's West African nation may soon issue digital currency

CryptocurrencyGhana plans to create a digital currency
Ghana plans to create a digital currency

Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana, said at an annual banking conference that the central bank is discussing the issue of digital currency.


The digital currency of the nation of Ghana

At the conference, the central bank with “key stakeholders” discussed the study of a pilot project in the field of digital currency “with the possibility of issuing an electronic cedi (Ghana's currency unit) in the near future.”

Plans will aim to complement the growth of electronic payment systems in Ghana, such as mobile money.

“The digital era provides tremendous potential for the financial sector and a shift to the new financial and consumer needs of businesses and businesses.” – Addison.

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  • Interest in cryptocurrency has also increased in Africa, last month Paxful said that over the past 12 months it has added 800,000 wallets, due to growth in African countries – Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

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