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Banking regulators are studying the requirements for cryptocurrency capital

CryptocurrencyThe Basel Committee will publish cryptocurrency requirements
The Basel Committee will publish cryptocurrency requirements

On Thursday, banking regulators announced that they were working to determine how much capital lenders should hold to cover the risks that arise when working with cryptocurrencies.


Studying cryptocurrency capital requirements

“The Basel Committee, which includes banking regulators from the United States, Europe and Japan (BCBS), said it agreed to publish a document on a prudential approach to crypto-assets.”

After a two-day meeting in Madrid, the committee said that banks should take into account all the risks of cryptocurrencies.

To solve all problems, the committee will seek the views of interested parties on a wide range of issues related to the prudential approach to crypto-assets, the statement said.

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  • BCBS is a committee of banking supervisors that was created by the governors of the central banks of countries in 1974.

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