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Venezuelans have developed bitcoin equipment that works without the Internet

Not the first power outage in Venezuela was a real crisis and damage to all communications of the country. Venezuelan Randy Brito joined the development of the Locha Mesh project, which makes it possible to use bitcoins during power outages without access to the Internet.  


The invention of the Venezuelans

Randy Brito focused entirely on Locha Mesh, the new open source hardware that allows you to create private messages and payments without an internet connection. During a power outage earlier this year, Randy Brito made it clear that poor Internet infrastructure was the main obstacle to the implementation of cryptography. People used dollars during a power outage, not because they preferred cash, but because they had no choice.

The project founders created two hardware prototypes, Turpial and Harpy, which act as small routers that are independent of local WiFi. Instead, they exchange messages over the net until one of the outlets finally connects to the Internet. (New York-based goTenna startup has already invented the same scheme.)

They are now focused on providing small, quick payments using the Lightning Network.

This trend for the use of bitcoins without electricity is widespread in emerging markets, from Venezuela to Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. So Randy Brito unveiled his latest mesh networking hardware for such operations at the 2019 Lightning Conference in Berlin, and Locha Mesh is currently at the investment search stage. The sale of devices is planned in the first quarter of 2020. Technical Director and Co-Founder Luis Ruiz Locha Mesh commented:

“In essence, we provide an affordable solution for everyone who lacks energy or access to the Internet for a safe, decentralized, and censorship-resistant way of communicating.”

  • Quantum technologies are becoming one of the most discussed topics among the participants of the cryptocurrency community. Experts suggest that quantum computers, due to computing power, will break any blockchain. However, developers keep their finger on the pulse: cryptocurrencies appear that oppose hacking. So say their creators.

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