31/10/19 08:25 UTC-5

A way was found to return the stolen cryptocurrency

CEO Coifirm, Pawel Kuskowski noted that he is teaming up with Kroll to investigate cases of stolen cryptocurrencies due to hacking exchanges or other incidents. Information appeared on the exchange website.


Confirm will help return crypto-assets to owners

Coinfirm cryptocurrency exchange begins to work with Kroll to help victims hack exchanges or steal cryptocurrencies. The head of the exchange, Pawel Kuskowski, is outraged that the owners of the assets do not know where to go if the funds are lost. Kusowski said he was at the scene of the victims without reporting the incident to the police.

The platform’s website contains information for those who apply for the loss of cryptocurrency assets. The user places the form, detailing how he lost, for example, BTC or ETH. The application is submitted for approval, and if the case is approved, the user receives the cost of the investigation and refund services. The cryptocurrency is returned to the specified wallet address.

The authority of Kroll confirms the investigation: the company found the criminals who stole BTC in the amount of $27.8 million. Kroll can get support from the Burford Capital or Therium firms, which will pay the costs of the judicial investigation. For this, companies seize 30% of the collected funds and return the remaining to the victim.

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Editor: Daria Mukhina


15/11/19 06:40 UTC-5

Blockchain.com cryptocurrency wallet offers loans

Blockchain.com creator Peter Smith issued loans worth $10 million. The team is in the top 5 reputable lenders in the field of cryptography, according to the company's blog.

25/10/19 07:45 UTC-5

Twitter CEO flatly refuses to work with Libra

The head of the Twitter social resource replied that he would never cooperate with the Libra project due to disagreements in political areas. Statements and ratings from the CEO of Twitter are transmitted by Cryptocoinsmarket.com.