15/10/19 04:41 UTC-5

Investment company Grayscale launches a cryptocurrency fund

The British investment firm Grayscale Investments has received approval from the US financial regulator FINRA to launch a cryptocurrency tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
fund: Digital Large Cap Fund (DLC). 

The specificity of the DLC Fund

Grayscale reports that the Digital Large Cap Fund (DLC) shares are being launched on the OTC market under the ticker GDLCF. Liquid crypto products, such as Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), Ethereum Trust (ETHE), and Ethereum Classic Trust (ETCG), have already been issued. Investors can put money into digital assets using familiar and classic financial market instruments.

According to Michael Sonnenshein, the CEO of Grayscale Investments, the company’s profitability is 74.8%. The fund consists of Bitcoin (80.3%), Ethereum (9.9%), XRP (5.8%), Bitcoin Cash (2.2%), and Litecoin (1.8%). To mitigate risks, the DLC conducts quarterly portfolio rebalancing, allocating assets and adjusting investments.

The investment company plans to launch all of its trading products on the OTC system and open them for investors.

  • Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been encountering a rather unstable situation. However, according to coinmarketcap, even in such times, there are some lucky ones who have shown the best results in the last month.

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15/11/19 06:40 UTC-5

Blockchain.com cryptocurrency wallet offers loans

Blockchain.com creator Peter Smith issued loans worth $10 million. The team is in the top 5 reputable lenders in the field of cryptography, according to the company's blog.

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Twitter CEO flatly refuses to work with Libra

The head of the Twitter social resource replied that he would never cooperate with the Libra project due to disagreements in political areas. Statements and ratings from the CEO of Twitter are transmitted by Cryptocoinsmarket.com.