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Top five cryptocurrencies of the last month

CryptocurrencySeptember’s best cryptocurrencies
September’s best cryptocurrencies

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been encountering a rather unstable situation. However, according to coinmarketcap, even in such times, there are some lucky ones who have shown the best results in the last month. 

Top 5 cryptocurrency leaders of the month

Cryptocurrency is the best investment option nowadays. After the stock market, cryptocurrency is the next best thing that many people invest in. Bitcoin is indeed the highest-rated cryptocurrency, but we are going to talk about other altcoins that can make a good profit in the long run.

The following cryptocurrencies have seen the percentage increase over the last month:

Ethereum (ETH) – 20.51%

The Ethereum price started to rise on September 6 and then peaked on September 20.

One reason for the 20% price hike could be the expectations of hardforkHardfork
– a fundamental change in the source code, incompatible with the old protocol and the used software.Details
investors. It was due to take place on October 13 but was postponed until the end of this month. Nevertheless, the main result of the increase in the price of ETH is the transition of the system from Proof-Of-Work to POW.

ChainLink (LINK) – 16.20%

LINK growth was noticed on September 16. One of the main reasons for the September increase was that the network had expanded significantly, and the number of large transactions had more than doubled.

XRP – 14.00%

XRP began to increase in price on September 4 and peaked on September 18. After that, it experienced a decline. It resulted in a sudden collapse on September 24.

Since then, XRP has been rising, and the price at the end of September was the highest in the month.

One reason for the increase in XRP, especially by the end of the month, could be the acquisition of technology company Algrim.

Moreover, the upcoming Ripple Swell Conference, considered the largest conference of the year, due in November 2019, could influence the rise.

Last year, the rate of XRP similarly accelerated in the month before the conference.

Stellar (XLM) – 11.42%

The Stellar cryptocurrency experienced the jump on September 19. It was one of the most active in the market.

The mid-month performance increase may be linked to Binance’s announcement to distribute 9,500,000 XLMs to everyone with at least 10 XLMs in Binance wallets.

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EOS – 4.31%

The EOS cryptocurrency moderately increased its rate until September 19, before the gradual downtrend began.

After the sudden collapse on September 24, the rise was extremely weak: EOS lagged behind other coins. The September increase could be linked to the announcement concerning the creation of tokens for the online gambling industry on the EOS platform. The initial proposal was made on September 16, followed by the September 19 maximum.


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