11/10/19 04:31 UTC-5

Alipay refuses to pay for transactions with Bitcoin

CryptocurrencyChinese service Alipay doesn’t want to work with cryptocurrency
Chinese service Alipay doesn’t want to work with cryptocurrency

Representatives of the Chinese payment platform Alipay say that they will stop any transactions with cryptocurrency. The company posted the news on Twitter.

Alipay did not confirm Changpeng Zhao’s words

The day before, the founder of Binance announced that Alipay and WeChat would allow Chinese people to buy cryptocurrency. The message appeared on Zhao’s Twitter.

However, the payment service refused to confirm Zhao’s words. The Alipay team said that if transactions were identified as being linked to Bitcoin or another digital currency, the payment process would immediately stop. Alipay representatives are thoroughly monitoring all money transfers. Transactions must comply with state laws. China is a country that has banned cryptocurrency exchanges since 2017.

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