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A gang of telephone crypto fraudsters caught in Russia

A gang of fraudsters was caught in Stavropol, Russia. They were extorting money from people with its subsequent exchange for digital currency.

Telephone crypto gang

The culprits operated according to the pre-designed scheme. Pretending to be bank employees, they called the residents of the city of Stavropol and reported falsely debiting their accounts and blocking their cards. In orderOrder
– automatic application to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Orders are used during trading on the stock exchange to open and close a position. Details
to "save" the clients’ money, the fraudsters offered to transfer it to "spare" accounts. To do this, the people had to disclose their PINs and passwords. The thieves passed on the illicit earnings to the other gang members, who traded them for cryptocurrency. One of the leaders of the gang was on top of this scheme. He received all the funds.

The victims were mostly elderly people and young people. The criminals were caught in a secret apartment in Ufa (a Russian city). After the search, the police found mobile phones used to make calls, part of the stolen funds, and bank cards. Two fraudsters and one of their leaders are already in custody, and two others are under house arrest. Now, an investigation is underway. The results have already revealed the involvement of the gang in 7 cases of telephone crypto machinations.

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