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Visa and Mastercard doubt Libra project

CryptocurrencyVisa and Mastercard refuse to fund the Libra project
Visa and Mastercard refuse to fund the Libra project

Libra sponsors – Visa and Mastercard – are redefining their decision to support the Facebook project. The creator of Libra, David Marcus, says on Twitter that work is progressing smoothly.

Companies plan to exit Libra

Visa and Mastercard want to refuse to finance the Libra project. The reason is that companies are worried about criticism. For example, programmers from Parity Technologies note that the goals of Libra diverge from the technical solutions of the project.

US regulators are waiting for an exact answer from Facebook. The authorities want to make sure that the issued cryptocurrency will not be used for money laundering or financing of terrorist attacks.

In response to the allegations, the founder of Libra, David Marcus, notes that the company is calmly working on problem solving. He adds that there is no reason to believe the rumors from the outside and to worry about the tone of the appeals of the regulators. Marcus emphasized that statements that Libra does not inform about security are not true.

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