04/10/19 02:00 UTC-5

Andreessen Horowitz launches a crypto-startup school

CryptocurrencyAndreessen Horowitz startup school
Andreessen Horowitz startup school

Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm has announced the launch of a startup school for entrepreneurs seeking to develop cryptocurrency projects.

School for crypto entrepreneurs

At TechCrunch Disrupt Technology Conference in San Francisco, general partner Chris Dixon said the company wants to help entrepreneurs apply industry best practices.

“We are going to launch a startup school for digital currency entrepreneurs. We are the best in this matter, over the past seven years we have gained enough practice and have reached a new level in this category,” said Dixon.

Dixon hopes that startups who join the program can make a good investment, but this is not a requirement.

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  • In June 2018, Andreessen Horowitz opened a $300 million venture fund dedicated to investing in “cryptocurrency companies.”

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15/11/19 06:40 UTC-5

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