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Victims of the Bitcion ransomware virus will recover files

CryptocurrencyWannaCryFake victims will not pay a ransom in Bitcoin
WannaCryFake victims will not pay a ransom in Bitcoin

Emsisoft has released a free tool to fight the virus called WannaCryFake. It requires a ransom in Bitcoin for decrypting the data, according to blog.emsisoft.com


Free decryptor will save from the virus

New Zealand-based Emsisoft company has announced the release of a tool that bypasses the WannaCryFake virus code. So, in their blog, company representatives offer victims of fraudsters to download a tool so as not to pay a ransom for data recovery. The developers also included a detailed user guide.

WannaCryFake is a type of scammer using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. At the same time, the attackers leave an email in which they promise to restore the files after payment in Bitcoin. In the text, ransomware recommends purchasing currency on the Local Bitcoins website and threatens with data loss when contacting unauthorized persons to recover information.

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  • Cryptocurrency extortion cases have already been repeated. So, on April 11, the ESET antivirus company detected a number of attacks. Fraudsters sent a newsletter in which they threatened users of "adult" content. For deletion of the video, they demanded cryptocurrency.


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