25/09/19 10:30 UTC-4

The Bitcoin exchange rate fell to $8500

CryptocurrencyThe cost of the main cryptocurrency fell by 14.24%
The cost of the main cryptocurrency fell by 14.24%

The price of the main cryptocurrency decreased by 14.24% during the day. The value of the top ten digital currencies has also declined, according to coinmarketcap.


The reason for the depreciation is the launch of futures

If before this, the side trend was on the market, now it has ended with a collapse in the value of cryptocurrencies. Most analysts believe Bitcoin sales are linked to the launch of Bakkt futures. At the same time, the hashHash
(hashing) – a cryptographic term that means changing the input data of different sizes into the original data of a clearly defined size, using a special mathematical algorithm.Details
rate in the main cryptocurrency network decreased by 30%.

The only altcoinAltcoin
– are the common name for all cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin).Details
that did not lose in price was Tether: its current value rose by 0.14%.


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12/10/19 04:20 UTC-4

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