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Dominos will raffle off $110,000 in bitcoin among pizza lovers

CryptocurrencyDominos hands out $110,000 in bitcoin
Dominos hands out $110,000 in bitcoin

The French branch of Dominos Pizzeria will play $110,000 in BTC cryptocurrency among its customers. The company holds such an event in honor of its 30th birthday.


Dominos will give out $110,000 in honor of the 30th anniversary

Pizzeria Dominos in France decided to raffle off $110,000 among customers in honor of its 30th anniversary.  All you need to participate is to buy pizza in one of the Dominos restaurants and register on the site.

Customers who bought pizza from September 4 and registered until October 2, 2019 can participate in the promotion. The draw is valid only in France.

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  • The company claims that it will be possible to pick up the prize either in cash in euros or in bitcoin cryptocurrency.


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