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Stellar will give out $120 million for registration in the chat

CryptocurrencyStellar will hold $120 million airdrop
Stellar will hold $120 million airdrop

The Stellar crypto-project and the Keybase messenger announced the massive distribution of XML cryptocurrencies. For 20 months, companies plan to distribute 2 billion XML, or about $120 million, calculated at current prices.


Stellar and Keybase will distribute 2 billion XML to users

According to CoinDesk, referring to the draft of the Stellar ad, all you need to do is register an account in the Keybase messenger. After that, the XML cryptocurrency will automatically go to the user's wallet. Coins will come every month until the end of the promotion.

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  • The company plans to distribute tokens for at least 3 months with the possibility of continuing the promotion for up to 20 months
  • Keybase users who register before will also receive coins. Stellar promises to give them 100 million XLM. According to Keybase, now 300,000 people worldwide use the messenger
  • Previously, Stellar has already held large-scale promotions. In March 2019, the project allocated 1 billion XML for these purposes for users of the Coinbase Earn educational program  


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