06/09/19 07:00 UTC-4

Over 94,000 BTC were transferred to an unknown wallet

Cryptocurrency94,500 BTC transferred to an unknown recipient
94,500 BTC transferred to an unknown recipient

BTC worth more than a billion dollars have been transferred from 15 different addresses to one. This transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
led to the crypto-community, excitement and thoughts about what could cause the transaction and what are its consequences.


Suspicious BTC transaction 

The real-time tracking company for large cryptocurrencies, Whale Alert, published a warning in the twitter account which indicates the transaction transferring 94,504 BTC, which is more than $1 billion at current prices.

More than half of the sent BTC (56%) came from only one address. Another 42% came from three other addresses. The transaction fee is about $700, that is, only 0.00007% of the total.

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The community associates the deal with the Bakkt cryptocurrency platform, as it previously announced that it will begin offering Bitcoin storage for customers from September 6 to prepare for the launch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures.

  • The owner of the transfer is now the fifth largest BTC wallet and the largest non-cryptocurrency wallet.


Editor: Yulia Krasnaya

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23/08/19 22:00 UTC-4

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