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U.S. intelligence begins to develop cryptocurrencies

CryptocurrencyNSA is working on a cryptocurrency resistant to quantum attacks
NSA is working on a cryptocurrency resistant to quantum attacks

The US National Security Agency (NSA) is working on creating its own cryptocurrency. It must be resistant to quantum attacks.


NSA creates quantum-resistant cryptocurrency

Anne Neuberger, director of the newly created NSA Cybersecurity Authority, said at the Billington CyberSecurity summit that the service is developing its own cryptocurrency that even quantum computers cannot crack. This was reported by Bloomberg correspondent William Turton. 

In addition, Neuberger said that the service will deal with growing cyber threats from North Korea, Russia and China. He noted that the authorities of North Korea are very "creative", because they thought of stealing cryptocurrency to finance their military programs.

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  • In August 2019, a group of experts submitted a report to the UN. They accused North Korean pro-government hackers of stealing $2 billion in cryptocurrency and fiat. This money went to finance a program to develop weapons of mass destruction
  • On September 1, the North Korean authorities denied the allegations, calling them "fascist propaganda"  
  • A quantum computer is a new generation of equipment that is hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than conventional PCs. In theory, a quantum computer can crack a cryptocurrency like BTC in a few minutes. So far, such technology is at the "embryo" stage. According to scientists, the first full-fledged quantum PCs will appear no earlier than 2040



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