05/09/19 04:53 UTC-4

IMF head Lagarde urged central banks not to exert pressure on cryptocurrencies

CryptocurrencyChristine Lagarde advocates for cryptocurrencies
Christine Lagarde advocates for cryptocurrencies

Christine Lagarde, candidate for president of the European Central Bank, published a statement in Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, which outlined the principles that would determine her approach if her nomination was successful. 


Christine Lagarde about cryptocurrencies

In her statement, Lagarde notes that while central banks should “ensure the security of the financial sector,” they should also be open to “the opportunities that cryptocurrencies represent.”

In particular, Lagarde recognizes that digital currencies are an area of ​​innovation:

“New technologies, including digital currencies, are bringing about big changes, but you need to be careful about the risks associated with financial stability, privacy and criminal activity, and ensure proper regulation to channel technology to the public good.”

“But it also means recognizing the wider social benefits of innovation and providing them with opportunities for development.”

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23/08/19 22:00 UTC-4

Out: Libra founders are preparing an "escape" from the project

​The Libra Association (the organization that should develop Facebook’s cryptocurrency) has 28 members. They include such giants as Visa and Uber. Now at least 3 members are trying to get out of the project because of criticism from regulators.

16/08/19 07:00 UTC-4

A Wall Street analyst is confident in the growth of Bitcoin

Yesterday, August 15, a prominent Wall Street analyst and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors financial agency, Tom Lee, said he was confident in the imminent increase in the value of digital gold. According to an interview at Fox Business, by the end of 2019, cryptocurrency could hit a new historic high.