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Al Qaeda and Hamas are funded by cryptocurrencies through Telegram

CryptocurrencyAl Qaeda and Hamas are funded by cryptocurrencies through Telegram
Al Qaeda and Hamas are funded by cryptocurrencies through Telegram

There is confirmation that the ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hamas terrorist groups receive funding in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, all transactions go through a popular messenger with increased anonymity, Telegram.


Terrorist groups and cryptocurrency

Confirmation of the financing of terrorism by cryptocurrencies appeared in the Jewish News Syndicate with reference to the Institute for the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

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In addition, the publication says that in January of this year, through the Telegram and WhatsApp messengers, the military unit of Hamas urged like-minded people to donate funds for the organization in Bitcoins. Also, Twitter, Instagram and the Facebook social network were partially used to transmit this information.

The report also stated that the lion's share of donations and calls for the financing of terrorism passes through Telegram. Which can significantly aggravate the situation after Pavel Durov releases the cryptocurrency of the messenger. Interestingly, on March 26, the Syrian "preacher" from Jihad, Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, posted a video on his Telegram channel urging Muslims to support Islamic Resistance in Palestine (that is, Hamas) by donating money in cryptocurrency.

This information contradicts the spring study of the Center for International Security and Defense Policy of the RAND American corporation. On April 12, RAND published the results of studies according to which cryptocurrencies are used 8 less for terrorist financing than US dollars.  


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