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Protests in Hong Kong led to the massive introduction of cryptocurrencies

CryptocurrencyThanks to protests, bitcoin is gaining popularity in Hong Kong
Thanks to protests, bitcoin is gaining popularity in Hong Kong

For 12 consecutive weeks in Hong Kong, massive protests have been taking place against Chinese intervention. And they help businesses massively switch to cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin helps protesters in Hong Kong fight power

Yahoo! Finance reports that protests in Hong Kong have led to the massive introduction of cryptocurrencies. On Monday, Pricerite, another chain of stores, began accepting bitcoin, ether, and litecoin.

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According to the store, cryptocurrency will be instantly converted to Hong Kong dollars. And this was made possible thanks to the introduction of Lightning Network technology.

The crypto business also actively supports protesters. For example, Genesis BlockGenesis Block
– is a cryptocurrency term used to designate the first block in a blockchain. Thanks to the creation of this block, a new cryptocurrency is being born. Details
, the operator of 14 Bitcoin ATMs in Hong Kong, distributed water to protesters. It was bought for international donations in bitcoin cash.

Genesis Block also supplied "resistance" umbrellas with the bitcoin sign.

  • An umbrella is a symbol of the Hong Kong revolution in 2014, when hundreds of thousands of city residents took to the streets in protest of China’s election control.
  • The protests in Hong Kong, in particular, are also of an economic nature. On August 16, protesters began to withdraw money from their bank accounts en masse so that the money would not go to China.


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