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"Satoshi Nakamoto" agreed to return $5 billion in BTC to his partner

CryptocurrencyCraig Wright agreed to give back $5 billion
Craig Wright agreed to give back $5 billion


In the US, a $5 billion BTC dispute has ended between the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, and the brother of his late business partner Dave Kleiman. The court sided with the second.


Craig Wright owes $5 billion in BTC

In February 2018, Dave Kleiman's brother sued Craig Wright. According to him, he stole 500 000 BTC from Kleiman after his death in 2013.

According to the lawsuit, Dave and Wright were partners and together produced 1.1 million BTC. But Wright never passed part of Dave to his family.

On August 26, the court sided with the representatives of Kleiman, and sentenced them to return 500 000 BTC, which at current prices is about $5 billion.

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Craig Wright, in an interview with Modern Consensus, said that “He has no other choice but to enforce the court’s decision”.

  • Wright argues that a court decision could lead to a collapse in the price of BTC. According to his calculations, Kleiman’s brother must have at least $2 billion to pay taxes from the “payday”. If not, then he will have to sell 2 million BTC, which will affect the cryptocurrency rate

  • Craig Wright is best known as Satoshi Nakamoto. At least he calls himself that. But during all this time, Wright did not provide convincing evidence that it was he who created bitcoin


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