21/08/19 08:17 UTC-4

5 million Austrians will be able to pay for mobile communication with crypto

Austrian mobile operator A1 intends to allow its customers to pay for services with the help of cryptocurrency. "Cash is outdated," the company said.


Austrian mobile operator introduces Bitcoin payment

As Futurezone reports, A1 is already testing cryptocurrency payments in multiple shops.

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"Cash is an outdated model. Thanks to the pilot project, we are testing the demand and adoption of cryptocurrencies in Austria," says Markus Schreiber, A1’s Head of the marketing department.

A1 is developing a cryptocurrency payment solution in partnership with Salamantex, Ingenico, and Concardis. According to the operator, the solution allows to "smooth" excessive rate fluctuations. It means that merchants and users will not suffer losses from sharp cryptocurrency price hikes.

  • A1 is Austria's largest mobile operator. The company serves 5.1 million customers. There are 6.1 million subscribers in total in Austria.
  • Besides Bitcoin, A1 will accept other cryptocurrencies, such as Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, and XRP.

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