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Americans will go to Switzerland to talk about Facebook’s cryptocurrency

CryptocurrencyAmericans will talk about Facebook’s cryptocurrency in Switzerland
Americans will talk about Facebook’s cryptocurrency in Switzerland

This weekend, the US House of Representatives stated that its delegation was going to visit Switzerland to discuss cryptocurrencies, the experience of implementing cryptocurrency payments, and Facebook’s Libra project.


America will discuss cryptocurrency in Switzerland

According to information on the NZZ am Sonntag, US representatives are going to visit Switzerland to discuss principles of regulation of the cryptocurrency sector. It has been reported that the US House of Representatives intends to visit foreign consultants in the nearest future.

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It was also reported that Facebook's Libra digital payment network would be the main topic of discussion. Among the Swiss consultants, the US delegates intend to meet the representative of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), Adrian Lobsiger.

The American delegation will consist of six people whose names have not yet been disclosed. At the time of writing this article, it is known that the delegates will try to understand the basics of digital money and make a final decision on the Libra in the Senate after the visit.

Americans will go to Switzerland to talk about Facebook cryptocurrency. We remind you that the popular Winklevoss brothers will soon join the Libra consortium. The Winklevoss twins and Mark Zuckerberg have been at odds since university days when, according to the twins, Zuckerberg stole their idea of ​​a social network.

It is also important to note that the Libra developer has already eroded its credibility. On August 13, it became known that Facebook was listening to and decrypting all anonymous voice messages.

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