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The rate of the new TRON CLASSIC cryptocurrency rose by 544%

CryptocurrencyNew TRON CLASSIC cryptocurrency grew by 544%
New TRON CLASSIC cryptocurrency grew by 544%

On August 6, one of the new cryptocurrencies, TRON CLASSIC, began a stunning growth. At night, the asset grew by more than 1500%, which provoked its transition to the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, but after a few minutes the coin again fell in price, showing an increase of 544%.


TRON CLASSIC: cryptocurrency rise and fall

Tonight, the TRON CLASSIC cryptocurrency unexpectedly ended up in 98th place in the TOP-100 cryptocurrency rating. It was not possible to hold high positions for a long time and by the afternoon of August 6, the asset was again at 2324 positions.

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For a period of overwhelming correction and recovery, the value of the coin first increased by 1,500%, and then adjusted to 544%. Interestingly, until the moment of rapid growth and breakthrough into the hundred of the largest crypto-assets, TRON CLASSIC almost did not appear in the blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
media. At the time of writing, this rate was about $0.00000233 per coin. At the same time, the sales turnover in 24 hours is $12 715 11, which indicates a high demand for cryptocurrency. According to the information on the website, TRON CLASSIC is a new coin that works according to the Ethereum protocol, ERC-20.

The cost of the new TRON CLASSIC cryptocurrency rose by 544%. Recall that in Russia, the supplier of Bitrefill gift cards has added the ability to purchase gift cards from more than 100 local companies for cryptocurrencies.

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