25/07/19 10:25 UTC-4

CoinLoan lending platform adds support for Bitcoin Cash

CryptocurrencyCoinLoan adds support for BCH
CoinLoan adds support for BCH

CoinLoan platform announced on its Twitter about adding Bitcoin Cash. BCH is now available for depositing and withdrawing funds.


Bitcoin Cash at CoinLoan

CoinLoan is an innovative project combining a traditional banking lending system and modern cryptocurrency technologies.

"CoinLoan keeps its promises, and today we are proud to add a new currency to our platform." – CoinLoan.

Users can deposit BCH coins into their CoinLoan accounts, as they did with BTC. However, unlike BTC, BCH can only be used as collateral, and currently it is not available for lending and borrowing.

Interesting in the section: Bitcoin Cash, as the currency Bitcoin

BCH is available for depositing and withdrawing funds on the My Wallet tab. For withdrawals at BCH, a fixed fee of 0.001 BCH is charged.

The company also reports that many new resources will soon join the list of CoinLoan cryptocurrency.

CoinLoan platform announced support for Bitcoin Cash. Recall today, July 25, the cryptocurrency market began to grow rapidly. In terms of capitalization, the first twenty cryptos entered the green zone, adding up to 15% to the exchange rate.

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