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MyDashWallet platform was hacked for two months

CryptocurrencyMyDashWallet has been hacked
MyDashWallet has been hacked

MyDashWallet, a platform used for tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
Dash cryptocurrency, was attacked by hackers from May 13th to July 12th. The DASH team encourages users to abandon MyDashWallet services and transfer their private keys to another wallet, – reported on the Dash forum. 


Hacking MyDashWallet

MyDashWallet works as an online wallet for processing DASH, allowing users to store, send and receive DASH from their web browser. It runs on Javascript and was developed and supported by DeltaEngine.

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On July 12, a warning message appeared on DASH Twitter: "Today it was discovered that Mydashwallet was hacked between May 13th and July 12th. Anyone who has used mydashwallet during this time should assume that his private keys are known to the hacker, and immediately withdraw the balance from this wallet."

The full amount of the theft is still unknown, but one user claimed that he had lost 143.84 DASH ($ 17,597) after hacking. However, the final amount of hacking can be much greater.

Those who used the services of MyDashWallet together with hardware wallets did not suffer, as third-party wallets were invulnerable.

The MyDashWallet platform announced a hack that lasted for two months. Recall, the Dash Core Group has launched a new decentralized investment scheme. Dash Ventures, officially known as the Dash Investment Foundation, is fully operational.

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