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5 cryptocurrencies, the rate of which is growing rapidly

CryptocurrencyFive cryptocurrencies that grow in value
Five cryptocurrencies that grow in value

Since the entry of the cryptocurrency market into the green zone, an active surge of growth has been seen among many cryptocurrencies. Our editorial board has prepared a list of five crypto-assets that have risen substantially in price lately, according to our website statistics.


Bitcoin – $12 642

The first and main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has shown rapid growth. The asset has grown by several thousand dollars in just a week. Now, the cryptocurrency costs 12,642.41 US dollars. The total cost of cryptocurrency increased to $224 billion.


Ethereum – $337

The second in terms of cryptocurrency capitalization, Ethereum, also showed a huge increase in the rate. Although in the winter of this year, the value of the asset dropped to a two-digit number, now it has leveled off the course and reached grandiose indicators – $337 for one coin. At the same time, the market capitalization of the asset increased to $35.9 billion.


Binance Coin – $37

Binance Coin cryptocurrency exchanger tokens are also increasing in value at a staggering rate. During a crypto-winter, the asset rate has fallen to three dollars per coin. Now, the seventh rate in terms of cryptocurrency capitalization has risen to $37.39, and the total value of the asset has risen to $5.2 billion.

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Bitcoin Cash – $504

Четвертая по общей капитализации криптовалюта Bitcoin Cash также обновила свои годовые максимумы. На данный момент актив вырос более чем на 15% за неделю. Стоимость монеты на момент написания статьи составила 504 доллара США. А суммарная стоимость актива выросла до 9 миллиардов доллров.


NEO – $20

The 16th in rank cryptocurrency NEO recovers value at a tremendous speed. The benefit ratio for investors has grown by more than 9000%, and the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency has risen to 1.4 billion dollars. Now, the NEO rate has been fixed at around $20.


This is the situation in the cryptocurrency market. 5 cryptocurrencies that are growing rapidly continue to increase their capitalization and gain credibility among investors. Recall that Bitcoin increased its capitalization and crossed the milestone of $20 billion. 

Editor: Yulia Krasnaya

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