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A member of the Forbes Financial Board believes that Bitcoin could cost $20,000

CryptocurrencyOne of the members of the Forbes Financial Board believes Bitcoin could grow to $20,000
One of the members of the Forbes Financial Board believes Bitcoin could grow to $20,000

Today, June 25th, David Gochstein (who is a member of the Forbes Financial Board) announced that Bitcoin could cost $ 20,000. In addition, he also said that he was following the altcoinAltcoin
– are the common name for all cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin).Details


Bitcoin at $20,000

David Gochstein reported that he sees no hindrance to the growth of the Bitcoin rate. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency can rise again to $20,000. In addition, he compared the growth of the main cryptocurrency rate with the usual "retail purchase", he wrote about this on his Twitter account.

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"I don’t see anything stopping $BTC from hitting 20K. And this to me just looks like retail buying" – David Gochstein, Twitter.

After a few minutes Gokhstein added that he was interested in watching the growth of Bitcoin. But it is much more interesting to look at the market of altcoins, which can achieve a lot. He also hinted that 2017 was not so crazy, and 2019 could surpass it in the growth rate.

"It’s fun to watch Bitcoin go on this run, but I’m more interested in the altcoin market right now. That’s where all the gains will be made. And if you thought 2017 was crazy.... $XRP $LTC $TRX $LINK" – David Gochstein, Twitter.

Bitcoin can grow to $20,000, says a member of the Forbes financial board. Recall that yesterday the total cost of cryptocurrency exceeded $ 200 billion, thereby setting a capitalization record and increasing the Bitcoin dominance in the market.

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