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When BTC surpasses $11,700, nothing will stop it from reaching $20,000

Cryptoanalyst’s opinion on BTC rate
Cryptoanalyst’s opinion on BTC rate

On June 20, trader Josh Rager said on his Twitter account that as soon as the world's most popular cryptocurrency exceeds $11,700, nothing will stop it from rising to $20,000. His opinion coincides with the majority of expert forecasts.


Josh Rager’s Opinion

Popular cryptoanalyst Josh Rager shared his opinion, saying that it is important for Bitcoin to go above the price level of $11,700. It will lead Bitcoin to new historical highs without any significant levels of resistance holding it back.

In his latest tweet, a crypto trader spoke about the importance of this price level, pointing to minimum resistance levels between $14,000 and $16,000, which could not stop Bitcoin’s rise.

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"Bullish attitude and greed will lead the price action to new highs, and a rise to $11,700 will be the key point," adds Rager.

It became known that the main reason Rager trades Bitcoins is that in the past 10 years, there has not been a single other market that would come close to ROI, – Analyst’s Twitter.

He also suggested that the potential profitability of BTC could be about 2,392%, which would lead to an impressive BTC price of $78,500 for a Bitcoin by 2022.

Crypto analysts of the market agree with Rager’s opinion and argue that Bitcoin is confidently moving towards a significant increase, which is expected in the near future. The next important mark that everyone will look forward to is $20,000.

Josh Rager says that as soon as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exceeds the mark of $11,700, nothing will prevent it from rising to $20,000. Today, on June 21, the cost of the first cryptocurrency exceeded $9,660. Over the past 24 hours, the asset began to grow rapidly, adding more than 4% to the value. According to statistics, the coefficient of the dominance of digital gold also increased.

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Donald Trump said that cryptocurrency contributes to crime

Today, July 12, the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, spoke for the first time openly about the cryptocurrency industry. The president criticized Bitcoin, as well as a cryptocurrency payment network from Facebook, Libra.

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