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The US files complaints against crypto-fraudster Roger Karlsson

According to a June 19 press release, the US Department of Justice charged Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson from Sweden and his associate company, Eastern Metal Securities, with fraud.


Fraud charges

According to a press release from Karlsson and EMS, many charges have been brought, ranging from securities fraud to money laundering and electronic funds fraud.

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The website of the Eastern Metal Securities is reportedly registered to a non-existent person. On behalf of this person, the"Pre-funded Pension Plan" shares were offered, where investors could buy shares at a price of $98. The payment per share was 1.15 kg of gold, and this is what Karlsson promised, although investors never received the promised payments.

The IRS Criminal Investigation Division revealed that Karlsson never had the capital to support the payments he promised.

It is reported that the money that investors gave him was invested in real estate in Thailand. EMS was reportedly not the only fraudulent company operated by Karlsson. He also ran the HC125 site offering investment deals with no payout.

Karlsson has been running fraudulent sites since 2006; it is estimated that he has received more than $11 million from more than 3,500 investors.

Cryptocurrency fraudster arrested in Thailand on multi-million dollar investment scheme charges. Let us remind you that on June 19, the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine was subjected to a series of hacker attacks. According to the information on Facebook, the electronic payment system has not suffered, but external DDoS attacks have disabled the site of the National Bank.

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