19/06/19 09:00 UTC-4

Analyst Carter Worth: Bitcoin is about to reach $10,000

Carter Worth's forecasts
Carter Worth's forecasts

Carter Worth, a US financial analyst and stock market strategist, said on CNBC Fast Money channel that the Bitcoin trend is positive and will soon show a significant increase.


Analyst’s forecasts

The American financial analyst and stock market strategist, Carter Worth, became famous after correctly identifying the beginning of the financial crisis and a two-year bear market in 2007-2008.

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The technical analyst spoke on the CNBC Fast Money channel and stated that the most popular digital asset in the world will soon be rapidly rising to 2018 figures.

Worth did not make any specific price forecasts regarding the possible long-term goals of Bitcoin. He said: "The important thing is not about how high it can go. The important thing is not to see the lows that the cryptocurrency endured in the past."

Bitcoin will reach the $10,000 mark, says financial analyst and stock market strategist Carter Worth. Let us remind you that Bitcoin surpassed the second line of resistance at $9,000 last weekend. The asset’s rate continues to rise.

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16/08/19 07:00 UTC-4

A Wall Street analyst is confident in the growth of Bitcoin

Yesterday, August 15, a prominent Wall Street analyst and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors financial agency, Tom Lee, said he was confident in the imminent increase in the value of digital gold. According to an interview at Fox Business, by the end of 2019, cryptocurrency could hit a new historic high.

13/08/19 07:49 UTC-4

Ethereum cryptocurrency will be at $1000: survey results

A few days ago, on August 10, Nick Patel, a well-known trader and author of the bestseller about altcoins, conducted a social poll on his Twitter, which concerned the value of the second cryptocurrency by capitalization level – Ethereum. The results showed that more than half of the respondents are sure that the coin rate will be above a thousand US dollars.

31/07/19 05:10 UTC-4

The US Senate held a hearing on regulatory cryptocurrency issues

Following the previous hearings in mid-July, on July 30, the US Senate Banking Committee on the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchains held a hearing entitled "Study of the regulatory framework for digital currencies and blockchain."

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