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Watch Dogs: Legion uses crypto as a game currency

The use of cryptocurrency in the Watch Dogs: Legion game
The use of cryptocurrency in the Watch Dogs: Legion game

Watch Dogs: Legion, the newest media property in which cryptocurrencies are widely represented. The upcoming game will depict a version of London, where crypto replaced the GBP.


Cryptocurrency in the Watch Dogs: Legion game

In an interview with Game Informer design-director Kent Hudson said: "According to the scenario of the game, the city is depicted in times of massive change. This is a time of social crisis, where AI is involved, the pound has collapsed, and it is replaced by a cryptocurrency."

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Watch Dogs: Legion is the third franchise game that allows players to roam the dynamic open world environment in the style of GTA.

In previous posts, the main character was a member of a hacker organization, like Anonymous, known as DedSec. In turn, the new game development will allow players to take control of almost any character in the world.

New Watch Dogs: Legion game accepts cryptocurrency as payment. What cryptocurrencies and payment methods will be used in the game will be known later.

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Launch of the first friendly Zcash fork – Ycash

Today, July 19th, the first "friendly" fork of the Zcash blockchain (ZEC) is to be held. The founder of the fork called Ycash is Howard Loo, one of the key members of the Zcash project team, – reported on the forum.

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