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Caitlin Long: Forecast of the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency

GlobalCoin cryptocurrency forecast
GlobalCoin cryptocurrency forecast

On June 9, an expert in financial markets, Caitlin Long, published an article for Forbes, which she outlined 6 predictions about what the results of the upcoming launch of Facebook GlobalCoin will be.


Caitlin Long forecasts

Caitlin Long believes that the new asset will further discuss regulatory issues, and will also be a long-term benefit for Bitcoin.

"The forecast of the new Facebook cryptocurrency. Take popcorn, it will be interesting! I analyzed the available information and made 6 forecasts." – Caitlin Long Twitter.

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Forecasts cover various problems that may arise after the launch of this new resource, namely:

  1. Facebook cryptocurrency will become a powerful force in developing countries where Facebook intends to sell the product.
  2. Facebook will pay interest to the owners of its cryptocurrency, and this will eventually lead to populist calls to abolish corporate subsidies to banks at the center of the US banking system.
  3. Facebook Foundation will grow to gain more power in global capital markets.
  4. Facebook will face regulatory uncertainty that sheds light on many outdated financial rules in the process.
  5. Facebook's regulatory reporting program will open all sorts of interesting discussions.
  6. In the end, Facebook's cryptocurrency will prove to be an important link that will benefit the Bitcoin.

Financial markets expert, Caitlin Long, published a forecast about the upcoming GlobalCoin cryptocurrency. Investing in Facebook cryptocurrency is likely to ultimately be the most profitable solution on the way to a wider adoption of bitcoins.

Recall that Facebook continues to work on launching its own cryptocurrency, which should appear at the end of this month under the name Globalcoin.

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