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Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency increased by more than 100%: historical maximum

100% growth and historical maximum of Bitcoin SV
100% growth and historical maximum of Bitcoin SV

On May 30, the eighth cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, Bitcoin SV, grew by 103.40%. These figures were a record of the highest rate in the history of the cryptocurrency asset.


Bitcoin SV growth rate

The eighth cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, Bitcoin SV, today has reached its annual maximum price. According to analytics, crypto-asset has grown by more than 100%. Now, the value of the coin is $ 242.44 (with a corresponding increase of 103.40%), which is equivalent to 0.02785751 BTC (with a percentage increase of 99.48%).


In addition, Bitcoin SV has a market capitalization of $ 4,317,416,762, equivalent to 496,084 BTC. And the average daily tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
volume for the last day increased to $ 2,166,677,307, in Bitcoin equivalent of 248,958 BTC.

Available about the complicated: Craig Wright's cryptocurrency, after he recognized that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, began to grow rapidly. The rate has doubled, and the profitability for investors (ROI) is almost 174% of the initial value of the asset. It is assumed that the secret of success of the coin lies behind the odious personality of the creator of the asset, Craig Wright.

Bitcoin SV reached a historic high and grew by 100%. Recall that a few days ago a petition was published against the assignment of copyright to Bitcoin to Craig Wright.

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Launch of the first friendly Zcash fork – Ycash

Today, July 19th, the first "friendly" fork of the Zcash blockchain (ZEC) is to be held. The founder of the fork called Ycash is Howard Loo, one of the key members of the Zcash project team, – reported on the forum.

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