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"Visa or Mastercard": John McAfee showed his Bitcoin cards

John McAfee showed his Visa and Mastercard Bitcoin cards
John McAfee showed his Visa and Mastercard Bitcoin cards

Today, on April 7, the famous American entrepreneur, John McAfee, showed his Visa and Mastercard Bitcoin cards, and convinced users of their performance.


Visa and Mastercard Bitcoin cards

American businessman and well-known Bitcoin-enthusiast John McAfee posted a photo of his banking Visa and Mastercard Bitcoin cards on his Twitter feed. He also wrote that you shouldn’t choose between two companies, it’s better to buy two cards at once.

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"People want to know why Visa is in the lead and Mastercard is lagging behind. It's simple. I made myself both" – John McAfee, Twitter.

After the publication of this message, many users were outraged and said that the cards are not real. To dispel doubts and show how the Bitcoin card system from popular manufacturers really works, McAfee published a photo with the code of his test cryptocurrency wallet on the back side. In addition, he also said that he was in the first bar in the world, where Bitcoin was accepted from Visa and Mastercard.

"People asked to look at the back of the card. Here is a photo of both sides on the counter in the first bar to ever accept a Bitcoin credit card. The code is on the back of one of my test wallets. If you want to send me Bitcoins as a test, do it :)" – John McAfee, Twitter.

Interestingly, many users started sending Bitcoins to McAfee. A few hours later, the creator of the anti-virus McAfee published a photo of his wallet, which indicated a series of small Bitcoin transactions on the account.

Visa and Mastercard Bitcoin Cards from John McAfee. Recall that yesterday was announced Bitcoin quiz from McAfee, where everyone can win the real cryptocurrency.

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