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Bitcoin rate unexpectedly rose above $5,500

Bitcoin's unexpected growth: cryptocurrency increased to $5,500
Bitcoin's unexpected growth: cryptocurrency increased to $5,500

On April 23rd, an unexpected growth of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was recorded. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency crossed the psychological barrier of $5,500.


Unexpected Bitcoin growth

The first cryptocurrency began active growth yesterday, April 22nd. The course of the coin overstepped the psychological mark of $5,500, and, according to our analytics, has already exceeded $5557.

As can be seen from the charts, investors are "playing" on the appreciation, and the price bottom has been successfully passed. The RSI is in a calm zone, up to 70. This means that the currency is not threatened by overbought.

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In turn, the bull trend is gaining momentum. Traders sell their coins more expensive, which could mean a further rise in the cost of digital gold. Recent trade deals are closed with a figure of $5,600 (maximum) and with a minimum of $5,370. The weighted average rate at the time of this writing is $ 5,548.

The dominance index of the main cryptocurrency also rose. At the time of writing, it is 53.2% (compared, two days ago – 51.2%). Bitcoin's market capitalization is $99 million, equivalent to 17,660,687 BTC. At the same time, the average daily tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
volume is $16,361,928,484, which is equivalent to 2,949,711 BTC.

Over the weekend, Bitcoin has risen above $5,500. Recall that the psychological barrier in 5500 was the main obstacle to the growth of crypto-coins and quite recently this barrier significantly affected the course.

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19/07/19 06:30 UTC-4

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