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Tezos cryptocurrency has grown by almost 10% in one day

Tezos cryptocurrency rate has grown by almost 10%
Tezos cryptocurrency rate has grown by almost 10%

On April 17, Tezos (XTZ) cryptocurrency increased by almost 10%. The cost of one XTZ coin unexpectedly rose to $ 1.20, which in Bitcoin equivalent is 0.00022848 BTC.


Tezos – course growth

Today, Tezos cryptocurrency (XTZ) showed a 10% increase. The price has risen to $ 1.20 (0.00022848 BTC). The overall market capitalization was $ 785,663,974, equivalent to 151,262 BTC (Bitcoins). At the same time, the average daily tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
volume of a cryptocurrency asset is $ 5,591,129, in Bitcoin equivalent – 1,076 BTC.

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Recall that Tezos is a multi-purpose blockchain-platform that supports work with dApps and smart-contracts. Now, on the cryptocurrency chart there is a noticeable "Bullish move" pattern, which began on April 15 of the current year with a mark of 1.09 US dollars.

According to the Cryptobit Media technical analyst,  the value of the coin will still grow. Even though yesterday's maximum asset price was only $ 1.16 (minimum $ 1.04). At the same time yesterday, a growth rate of 7.8% was also noticeable. For example, yesterday's trading session was open at a price of $ 1.07 and closed at a position of $ 1.15.

In addition, the asset support line is at the level of 1 USD, and resistance is at 1.25 USD. If the cryptocurrency can break through the barrier of $ 1.25, then we can expect a rise to $ 2 per XTZ.

Tezos cryptocurrency has risen in price by 10% in one day. Recall that yesterday it was noticed that Bitcoin does not stop moving within the framework of the Bear Flag pattern, which means a slight price reduction before a significant increase.

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Launch of the first friendly Zcash fork – Ycash

Today, July 19th, the first "friendly" fork of the Zcash blockchain (ZEC) is to be held. The founder of the fork called Ycash is Howard Loo, one of the key members of the Zcash project team, – reported on the forum.

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