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Crypto-spring: currencies that rose after Bitcoin

Currencies that started to grow with Bitcoin. Crypto-spring.
Currencies that started to grow with Bitcoin. Crypto-spring.

Bitcoin showed a price breakthrough, and with it the other Altcoins began to rise. The alignment of the cryptocurrency market may indicate the end of the crypto-winter.

On Monday, Bitcoin grew by almost $ 600, breaking the psychological barrier of $ 5,000. The cryptocurrency rally also affected the main altcoins, which at the time of April 4th show a significant price increase.

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Growth of cryptocurrency and crypto-spring

According to the market information provider, CoinMarketCap ,  most of the popular cryptos have added in price over the past two days. Also, after the breakthrough of Bitcoin, the capitalization of the digital money market has risen to $ 173 billion.


– are the common name for all cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin).Details
IOST grew by 26.69%

IOST cryptocurrency, which ranks 40th in the CoinMarketCap ranking, has grown by almost 30%. At the moment, on April 4th, the price of altcoin is $ 0,016250, which is 26% more than yesterday. Recall that in March IOST launched its network in collaboration with Binance, where it played out $ 150,000.

Dogecoin grew by 16.2%

DOGE Altcoin in just one day rose in price by 16.2%. After yesterday’s statement by Elon Musk that the Dogecoin cryptocurrency could be his favorite tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
, the value of the asset began to grow. On April 4, the price of one DOGE rose to $ 0.003883, which is equal to 0.00000078 BTC.

Ethereum in two days increased by 11%

On April 2, the price of Ethereum rose to 173.41 dollars per coin. The average daily increase was about 11% per day. At the time of April 4, the price corrected by an indicator of 160.86 US dollars, which is 5% more from the March maximum.

Bitcoin Cash rose by 9.8%

The BCH coin for April 4 rose by almost 10%. Prior to this, the asset also showed a significant increase. Today, the token is sold for 293.24 US dollars, which in the end can be described as a 9.8% increase. Recall that in March this year, the Nakamoto Game lottery appeared on the Bitcoin Cash network.

Litecoin for two days increased by 8%

The price of LTC does not stop growing. Over the past two days, digital silver has risen in price by 8%, having previously shown a record increase of 100% over the previous three months. At the moment, the Litecoin price is $ 86.58, which is equal to 0.01735529 BTC.

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From this we can conclude that the crypto-spring has already arrived, and the currency began to grow after Bitcoin. At the same time, many more other altcoins began to actively add in price over the past few days. Perhaps, the trend reversal of Bitcoin meant a reversal of the direction of the entire market.

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