29/03/19 06:00 UTC-4

The case of cryptocurrency in India will be completed this week

It is expected that on March 29, 2019, the Supreme Court of India will issue a final verdict on the ban of cryptocurrencies and rules. The case on the decision of these rules, which lasted 4 weeks, will be completed.

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Because other countries are moving forward in the crypto-space, India for 4 weeks stood in place to try to find the best solutions for the regulation of crypto in the country.

This is reportedly the "last chance" for the government to clarify its position on cryptocurrencies.

Representatives of the crypto-community believe that, because India is skeptical about cryptocurrency, they can be left far behind in the global crypto-space. But the government, in turn, is concerned that the cryptocurrency may have an adverse effect on the national currency of the country.

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India announced the final decision on the case of cryptocurrency. Last year, it was aware of the decision of India to ban all banks in the country to deal with cryptocurrency. This was a shock, and the details of the ban were kept to a minimum.

A few months before today, a small amount of information was received regarding the decision of this ban, but on March 29, when the Supreme Court of India is held, everything will be decided.

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07/05/19 06:00 UTC-4

Bitcoin rate is growing: BTC crossed the $6,000 barrier

On May 7, the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency increased by 4.29%. Now, the weighted average rate of digital gold is $5,929. At the same time, the "high" deals in today's trading session have already crossed the border of the psychological barrier of $6,000.

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