20/03/19 12:24 UTC-4

The Tor project accepts Monero and refuses BitPay

The Tor project added Monero (XMR) to the list of cryptocurrencies that it accepts for donations. The project also announced that it was leaving Bitpay, a provider of payment services, instead it will use its own private wallets, – according to the company's twitter.

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Monero joins the growing list of cryptocurrencies adopted in the project, focused on privacy. Thus, XMR has become the ninth cryptocurrency on the Tor Project list, along with REP, BTC, LTC, XLM, DASH, ETH, ZEC and BCH.

The Tor Foundation also announced its decision to withdraw from the Bitpay platform for its donations, and instead it is looking for other solutions, such as private wallets.

The Tor project announced the acceptance of Monero, as well as the rejection of the BitPay system. These steps bring the world of cryptocurrency and privacy closer together and an increasing number of users will help support the work that the Tor project is doing.

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The price of the XMR tokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
this morning received a significant boost, adding almost 5%. This happened less than two weeks after the successful hardforkHardfork
– a fundamental change in the source code, incompatible with the old protocol and the used software.Details
of the XMR network, which caused the hashHash
(hashing) – a cryptographic term that means changing the input data of different sizes into the original data of a clearly defined size, using a special mathematical algorithm.Details
rate to fall by 95% in the first hours of the update. About Monero hardfork is in more detail at

Now the power indicators have stabilized at around 290 MH/s, which is 200% less than before the network update.

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23/04/19 06:00 UTC-4

Bitcoin rate unexpectedly rose above $5,500

On April 23rd, an unexpected growth of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was recorded. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency crossed the psychological barrier of $5,500.

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