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Poker, Messenger and Bitcoin: new information about the first code of Satoshi Nakamoto

For poker and messages – the first Satoshi`s Nakamoto Bitcoin code appeared on the network
For poker and messages – the first Satoshi`s Nakamoto Bitcoin code appeared on the network

The first version of Bitcoin became available to Satoshi’s friends and family even before the official launch of the world's first cryptocurrency. A well-known programmer and CEO of Bull Bitcoin Francis Pouliot announced the information about the first digital gold code on his Twitter account.

The first version of Bitcoin, according to the Pouliot`s message, was developed in November 2008. Whereas the official "release" of cryptocurrency took place only on January 3, 2009. How and when the letter with the source code of cryptocurrency fell into the Pouliot hands is unknown. According to statements by Pouliot himself, he intercepted Satoshi Nakamoto’s letter, which he sent to James Donald.

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The first version of Bitcoin

"Accidentally discovered a stunning artifact of the history of Bitcoins. I knew about the rumors about its existence. I give you a preliminary Bitcoin source code" – Francis Pouliot, Twitter.

In Satoshi’s letter one can find a lot of interesting information about the first cryptocurrency. According to the information in the letter, back in 2008, Nakamoto called people who mine cryptocurrency – miners. Recall that in the White Paper of Bitcoin, they were denoted by a completely different term – nodes.

Also, the popular blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
technology had a completely different name, in the letter it was called timechain. In addition, the message also indicated the "face value" of Bitcoins. Satoshi’s letter describes two types of crypto: cents and coins. The coin is 1 million Satoshi, and the cent is 10 thousand Satoshi. Of course, at that time Satoshi's term was not yet used, instead it was a unit of measure of 0.00000001 BTC.


Messages and Poker for Bitcoin

It is interesting, but from the Pouliot`s message it becomes clear that Bitcoin was originally intended as a unit of account for online poker. In addition, Satoshi also indicated that he was going to create an instant messenger (P2P messages) based on the Bitcoin blockchain. After testing the network with his close friends, Satoshi refused such limited functionality for cryptocurrency.

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How true Pouliot`s information is still unclear. If the data is confirmed, the following conclusions can be made: Bitcoin could become not only the first cryptocurrency, but also the first blockchain platform (for poker), the development of crypto lasted more than two years, BTC could become a messenger.

So far, none of the experts have decided to confirm or deny the information shared by Francis Pouliot. The first Satoshi`s Nakamoto Bitcoin code for poker and messenger appeared on the network. Recall that the editorial office of Cryptobit/Media published material about Google Analytics data a long time ago: where it is indicated that searches related to the Altcoins topic have increased.

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